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Used to straighten a crooked nose, lift the tip of the nose, as well as smooth nose wrinkles.

  • 30 minutes
  • From 100 British pounds

Service Description

This treatment can be used to straighten a crooked nose, lift the tip of the nose, or smooth out bumps or dents in the nasal bridge. The results of Nose injections are temporary, typically lasting for several months before requiring a repeat treatment. Bunny line involves injecting into the lines that appear on either side of the nose when a person wrinkles their nose, often resembling the nose of a bunny. These lines can become more pronounced with age and can be difficult to treat with topical creams or serums. Injections in this area can help smooth out these lines, creating a more youthful and refreshed appearance. As we age, wrinkles and fine lines become more prominent on our faces. While some people embrace these natural signs of ageing, others may feel self-conscious and want to address them. Anti-wrinkle treatments are non-surgical and minimally invasive, making them a popular option for those looking for a quick and easy way to rejuvenate their appearance. The procedure typically takes only a few minutes, and there is little to no downtime afterward. After the injections, it can take a few days for the full effects to become visible, and the results typically last between three and six months

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